Airsoft is one of the most exciting and also affordable games in the US. Other than fun, it is also a good sport to introduce beginners and children to gun safety and a general overview on handling weapons. However, other than merely airsoft guns, there are some accessories and tactical supplies that are needed to make your experience both exciting and safe.

The best accessories to look for should be easy to maintain and affordable so that your tactical supplies can never be deficient of them. In the US, there is a good enough market for airsoft equipment thus making the limits for the amounts of airsoft you can play much less. Now that we have established that there is a need for airsoft accessories and that they are readily available in the US, which ones are the best affordable ones?


Laser Airsoft Sight Kit

For the actual special ops feeling in the team, the laser sight kit containing a rail mount provided by the double eagle is one of the most affordable  accessories on the market. Other than the on-site feeling it provides, it also takes your accuracy to a whole new level, and your target acquisition is significantly improved. You can find a range of airsoft sights at Airsoft Deals.

The laser aiming model has been approved by the FDA and fits all guns that have 20mm rails. The other elements of the package include; a hexagonal key, a laser aim model that has a pressure switch, a hexagonal core, and Alkaline cells (2 x LR1130).


Extra Speed Loaders with Extra Ammunition

It is surprising how many airsoft gun gamers overlook the essence of this particular accessory. For those who have incorporated additional speed loaders and ammunition in their play, their confessions of its effectiveness are assured.

The number of speed loaders and extra magazines is frequently dictated mainly by the weapon system that you’re using. As long as you have these accessories in tandem to the scenario they apply to, you stand a better chance of having a better experience for both your teammates and yourself. The prices for the best speed loaders range between $5 to $10 and you can buy these at


Face and Eye Protection

With the high speeds that the plastic BBs travel at, it goes without saying that they can cause severe eye damage. In the US market, some of the easily available gear for prevention from such possibilities includes face and eye protection combinations or simply eye protection. These speeds range from neoprene and mesh to hard plastic and using a bandana or a shemagh. Depending on which face protection gear you preserve, the average price of the items that fall under this category is around $20.



Knee Pads

As the name suggests, this accessory is quite a simple one but holds an equal weight in importance as the other accessories. They function to protect you from injuring your knees during falls and in case you bang into hard surfaces such as walls and stone fences. For as low as £15, you can get yourself a good pair of knee pads that assures you of safety for your knee caps.



Safety is one of the most emphasized topics in the US, especially when handling potentially harmful equipment such as airsoft guns when playing. The accessories that have been talked about above not only assist in improving your experience when playing airsoft but also help prevent injuries that could arise from the game. Try any of them out and please let us know your experience in the comments section below.