While several people take airsoft guns to be just toys, you’ll find that they can cause terrible damage if you use weak protective cover. Other than your standard gun, it is also important to use proper face protection. Keep in mind that the face is a sensitive part of the body which needs enough protection.

There are several protective face masks in the market today. Therefore, it is recommendable to choose one which covers your entire face. Here, we are going to discuss at some of the guidelines you need to remember before buying any face mask. Courtesy of https://softgame.pl/larp/maskowanie-zima/.


Choosing the Plastic Material

Plastic is a fantastic choice for most airsoft lovers and it provides excellent protection from the airsoft projectiles. It’s a lightweight material, but it may cause some challenges while breathing. Hence, it’s advisable to make sure that it’s properly ventilated for maximum comfortability.

It offers superior face protection such that even a shattering BB is not likely to cause any harm to your face. It is especially useful for those paintball players who normally have to handle larger projectiles as it provides added protection to your face.

If you’re playing with airsoft powered guns, then plastic face protection masks are highly recommended. Gunman said: “Getting a half dozen 20-gram pellet at a speed of 300+fbs will not feel right on your face.” With an actual plastic cover, you can only shrug off the tinkling feeling, the sharp sound and continue enjoying the event.


Steel Mesh

Steel mesh offers excellent face protection from individual shots. However, there is an awful chance of fragmenting once hit using a powerful airsoft rifle or gun. Even so, the particles will be traveling at a lower velocity after contact and shouldn’t cause extensive damage under the mask.

It is also light and properly ventilated for proper breathing. Such means that when it comes to those games that take long hours under sun’s heat, too much warmth is not a point of concern.


Compare Different Features

You’ll be searching for a way of protecting your eyes and face during airsoft simulations. First of all, ensure that you have a single front system that includes adequate eye protection. Good examples here include goggles, glasses along with different pieces for the lower half of your face.

The only true disadvantage of using such a full face mask as compared to a half-mask is that it’s hard to fit it with your different weapons. Other features which will need your careful attention are the right level of strap systems, proper venting for better view and breathing and visually appealing aesthetics for good face cover!



While using face masks, it is necessary to have the best type of protection that suits your simulation needs. Also, get to know its functionality and reliability. With an efficient two-piece set or mask, you end up avoiding the most terrible of injuries that may occur while you’re playing, allowing you to concentrate on the fun and captivating feeling that airsoft brings!