When it comes to the airsoft gun arena, the notion of lowly priced goods are commensurate with their quality does not necessarily apply. If you can do real market research, you are better placed to come across great airsoft guns that are both cheap and of top notch quality.

If you get the basics on the properties that make guns ‘good’, you`ll be in a position to fish out the type of gun that best suits your needs at an affordable price. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best guns on the market that are resilient, consistent and have outstanding precision among the other qualities that a remarkable airsoft gun should have. If you’re looking for more reviews on Airsoft Guns, check out https://www.astraightarrow.net/.


Kwa Akr-74m Airsoft Rifle


Here is a rifle that has taken the resemblance of the famous AK-74 assault rifle. It has some composite and plastic pieces like the grip, stock and hand guard. However, it’s important to note that it has a metallic barrel and receiver.

The gun boasts of high and realistic recoil that ceases to shoot once the mag gets emptied. Among its other top features is a side rail that can be used for attachments, an optic mount, and a folding stock. To get this airsoft rifle, you will be required to part with an amount not exceeding $300.


Jg M16a1 Aeg Airsoft Rifle Vietnam


The JG M16A1 airsoft rifle was modeled with the M16 rifle in mind. The gun is not only affordable with its price at around $300, but it also offers high-quality services. It enables you to keep rooted in the game with its high capacity mag that doesn`t require regular refilling.

It also provides you with an edge over others with the balance it offers when wielding it and when shooting. To sum up its other qualities, it packs a metal gear box, barrel, and magazine and can be switched into a semi-automatic mode when firing.




Soft Air Fn Scar-L Rifle


At first sight, this rifle can be easily mistaken for the actual Herstal SCAR-L rifle which it was made to take after. From the weight balance to the color and engraved details, the gun`s attention to detail was undeniably given much thought. For just $100, it offers qualities that stand out such as great accuracy that can be attributed to a grip pod located in its front grip. You can buy this gun at Maple Airsoft Supply.

In addition to that, it has the following characteristics; both rear and front metal sights, a full rail, a battery and charger, bottom and side rails and can switch in-between full automatic and semi-automatic.



In the UK, there is a great percentage of people interested in or are playing airsoft games. For the beginners, the guns that have been expounded on above are some of the best in the UK market and at affordable prices.

For the price category in which they have been placed in, they are undisputedly the best in quality for your airsoft escapades. The airsoft gamers who need a change or looking for a new experience, these are the right guns to put your faith in and give a try. We hope that you give them a shot and please let us know what you loved most among the ones you choose.